Eurydice on the Art of Poetry

The story you have __ heard is false __ it’s true
He sang for me __ and true he lulled the god
Who didn’t care to fight him __ easily
The god is like us all __ the blood of the dead

Is made wine by their sorrow some __ don’t argue
And others never stop __ I followed him
Yes but he wasn’t __ told he couldn’t look
He didn’t look because he felt ashamed

I know now he already had the poem
Finished or nearly __ so before he left
For the underworld __ he didn’t come for me
He came to check the details __ he had thought

He’d fail to win me back __ and in the end
Yes __ at the mouth of the cave he just ran off
I think he didn’t know what else to do
I didn’t follow him __ it was a relief

To be allowed to keep my death __ I heard
The poem first in the spring __ sung by a new
ly murdered boy who didn’t know my name
When he was told my name __ why should he have

I wasn’t in the poem __ the poem was true

Cain Named the Animal Shane McCrae

From Cain Named the Animal. Reproduced with kind permission of Little Brown.

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