Forward Arts Foundation is an anti-discriminatory organisation. We want to make poetry an inclusive, welcoming, and accessible space for everyone. We also know that we will get things wrong along the way. We are committed to being publicly vulnerable, learning from those mistakes and actively challenging ourselves to get things right.

We realise that change needs to be systemic – focusing on the individual takes away from the collective accountability needed to make lasting change. We realise that this work is long term and requires action every day. We realise our strategy will need to focus on institutional power, centring those most impacted by systemic discrimination, and not on assimilation or segregation.

Social justice in all its forms is central to our values as an organisation. We are establishing a new policy and action plan to make our programmes and organisation more inclusive and will publish this here in July 2022. Our board will hold us accountable for the progress we want to make.

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