The Gun

Bringing a gun into a house changes it. You lay it on the kitchen table, stretched out like something dead itself: the grainy polished wood stock jutting over the edge, the long metal barrel casting a grey shadow on the green-checked cloth. At first it’s just practice: perforating tins dangling on orange string from trees […]

To My Nine-Year-Old Self

You must forgive me. Don’t look so surprised, perplexed, and eager to be gone, balancing on your hands or on the tightrope. You would rather run than walk, rather climb than run rather leap from a height than anything. I have spoiled this body we once shared. Look at the scars, and watch the way […]

Eat Me

When I hit thirty, he brought me a cake, three layers of icing, home-made, a candle for each stone in weight. The icing was white but the letters were pink, they said, eat me. And I ate, did what I was told. Didn’t even taste it. Then he asked me to get up and walk […]