The Mighty Hudson

After ten years of truck-work, he looked round and sighed;
Left a note for his nephew – ‘The parts of my radio’ –
And made for the city in a frilled shirt.

In That Year

And in that year my body was a pillar of smoke
and even his hands could not hold me.

My Blue Hen

I sing to my blue hen. I fold her wings
against my body.


I once took my parents for lunch in a very expensive restaurant.
Dining at the table next to ours was Lucian Freud with a girl.

Cleaning Jim Dine’s Heart

In the afternoon sunlight at DeCordova sculpture park
she is on the top rung of a pair of steps cleaning a big
dark heart.

The Registrar’s Office

isn’t really an office it’s a cupboard with
no source of natural light, and I don’t
realise it but I’m loved up like the other

‘fox goes to the fox hospital’

And look there he is back in the hospital
in the easy blue dressing gown, at this facility
with a delicate floral print on the walls.


I’m scared of bumping someone while they piss
those Mondays I’m a packhorse bags hung
swinging around the urinal bodies

[There were barnacles…]

There were barnacles that marked the edges of oceans.
Late scramblers on the rocks could feel their calcic ridges
stoving sharply underfoot.

What Every Girl Should Know Before Marriage

Eliminating thought verbs is the key to a successful marriage.
You’re better off avoiding the reach for specificity
and curbing your interest in the interior of things.

from ‘VIII’

Wandering all over Europe very much at home
talking singing from shore to shore


Now rain rattled
the roof of my car
like holy water
on a coffin lid,

Dream Shine

When I switch off the light
the darkness lasts only
an instant, they appear

The Blotting-paper

He opened a book
he hadn’t opened for years
a sheet of blotting-paper fell
from between its leaves