A brick-sized block of grey stone washed ashore on which was carved the word SAY. My dad picked it up at low tide and two months later found another, and another saying LES. We worked out that rather than a command – like Rilke’s flow – it was the name of an old firm, SAYLES, […]

The Republic of Motherhood

I crossed the border into the Republic of Motherhood and found it a queendom, a wild queendom. I handed over my clothes and took its uniform, its dressing gown and undergarments, a cardigan soft as a creature, smelling of birth and milk, and I lay down in Motherhood’s bed, the bed I had made but […]


Here’s my body in the bath, all the skin’s inflamed trenches and lost dominions, my belly’s fallen keystone its slackened tilt – for all the Aztec gold I’d not give up this room where you slept, your spine to my right, your head stoppered in my pelvis like a good amen – amen I say to my […]

And death demands a labor

When it rains in Boston, from each street rises the smell of sea. So do the faces of the dead. For my father, I will someday write: On this day endeth this man, who did all he could to craft the most intricate fears, this man whose waking dreams were of breaking the small bones […]

Girl to Snake

We’re not supposed to parley, Ropey Joe. I’m meant to close my eyes and shut the door. But you’re a slender fellow, Ropey Joe, ____________________  thin enough to slip beneath the door and spill your wicked do-si-do _________ in curlicues and hoops across the floor. I’ll be here. And I’m all ears – there are […]


My grandmother’s name was Chris. ach ja – Christl. a chrism, christ with a lemon tongue. turquoise water inside a glass wörthersee water a crystal you take in your pocket or carry touching your neck a pair of blue and glass eyes from a black and white portrait a ring of yellow hair Chris in your […]

Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood

every day someone finds what they need in someone else _______________ you tear into a body and come out with a fistful of the exact feathers you were looking for wondering why anyone would want to swallow so many perfect feathers _______________________ everyone looks uglier naked or at least I do my pillar of fuzz […]

Dancing Bear

Children bring me coins to watch him balançoire, tombé – they imagine he has a forest inside, they close their eyes to see him foraging on a high cliff above a burnished lake – belly to the wet earth but inside is just a savage who loves only his claws, his wild mouth, tears at […]

I See That Lilith Hath Been with Thee Again

Love, I saw our daughter in the grocery store again. This time, she’d discarded the old shoes, because finally, her hooves are coming through. She was using her talons to tear through meat packets. Oh, honey, I frowned. Your mum is a vegan. Our daughter followed me to the produce aisle, and she chewed one […]