Outtake #3

To be a woman and interested (in an anthropologically
detached way) in another woman’s murder isn’t subversive
anymore. It’s as brave as eating
battery farmed chicken or setting fire to a crash test dummy.
If a thing’s very purpose is suffering it isn’t radical
to enjoy inflicting violence upon it.
But wait – the study of canonical violence
isn’t the same as the infliction of violence.
But looking at an act isn’t the same as studying it.
And witnessing an act isn’t the same as committing it.
So, I guess we’re at an impasse.
Somewhere between depravity and righteousness.
And where’s that?
The recent market demand for velodromes,
I suppose. We can edit this later. Throw in some xylophones.


Isdal by Susannah Dickey

From Isdal. Reproduced with kind permission of Picador, Pan Macmillan.

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