Riding the bacterium causing tonsilitis in William Wilberforce’s throat, 1689, 1789

a, red, and, whip, man, strip, a, gul, ly, from, my, gul, let,
my, voice, would, run, dat, way, tru. tru. tru, de, mud, de,
gunk, when, mas, sa, came, he, came, at, night, he,
would, press, his, choke, tuh, my, ear, i, was, a, low, tide,
i, tried, tuh, hack, his, his, what, do, you, call, dis, part,
ah, man, dat, em, balm, me? my, toe, nails, grew, night,
fall, my, hole, wide, ned, as, he, punched, with, his, with,
his, liz, ard, tast, ed, like, brine, my, voice, ran, but, ne,
ver, get, far, it, tried, tuh, jump, off, de, edge, ah, east,
but, he, al, ways, find, it, vis, its, me, ag, ain, and, steals,
an, ud, dah, gul, ly, his, his, his, his, sho, vel, bit, de,
right, side, ah, my, neck, my, knuc, kles, lob, bied, ag,
ainst, de, dig, ging, but, im, go, deep, in, my, rib, den,
strip, my, gul, ly, like, im, strip, my _ my,
sir, you, claim, tuh, want, all, ah, we, wid, dout, we, soft,
parts, bound, up, in, a, cart, but, you, say, man, say, man,
say, man, say, man, say, man, ag, ain, im, make, hol, low,
un, der, my, blouse, i, shrunk, seek, ing, and, push, ing, i,
am, sure, i, made, a noise, i, doan, tink, wun, na, heard,
or, yuh, heard, but, doan, know, what, i, said, i, said,
,       ,    , i, said        ,    ,    ,    ,    ,    ,    ,    ,
,    ,    ,    , sir, can, you, re, peat, what, i, said?
wid    me    crouch    ing    in
your    gul    let

From Cane, Corn & Gully. Reproduced with kind permission of Out-Spoken Press.

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