The last night of my 20s

For Roddy Lumsden

Fitting that the day should dawn
in this most Lumsdenesque of Lumsdenesque
contexts: sea-froth for night music
and the company of Suzannah —
kind enough to show me this walk
she knows without recourse to light.

When the hour came
‘Mr Brightside’ played it in
a song to which
________by dint of the glint
_______________in Sophie Barnard’s eye
_____________________twelve years ago
I cannot listen passively.

Which calls to mind the secret canticle
that undoes you, Roderick.
Maybe it is better some things
retain their mist
that all of us might carry a well of myth
in the pit of our pith,
maybe it is by such melodies we exist.

From A Blood Condition. Reproduced with kind permission of Chatto and Windus.

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