Yeki Bood Yeki Nabood

every day someone finds what they need
in someone else
_______________ you tear into a body
and come out with a fistful of the exact
feathers you were looking for wondering
why anyone would want to swallow
so many perfect feathers

_______________________ everyone
looks uglier naked or at least
I do my pillar of fuzz my damp
________ I hoarded an entire decade
of bliss of brilliant dime-sized raptures
and this is what I have to show
for it a catastrophe of joints this
puddle I’m soaking in which came
from my crotch and never did
____ the need
to comfort anyone else to pull
the sickle from their chest seems
unsummonable now as a childhood
pet as Farsi or tears
__________________ I used to slow
dance with my mother in our living
room spiritless as any prince I felt
the bark of her spine softening I became
an agile brute she became a stuffed
ox I hear this happens
all over the world

From Calling a Wolf a Wolf. Reproduced with kind permission of Penguin Books UK

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