Listen to me                               little water
I called you up          believing something
would arise                         in me believing
I could make                          you reappear
on my way                          to the cemetery
every face was                              luminous
as if they knew                something about
the dark                                      I think you
were in us all                reminding me not
to despair or if                despairing know
that we did not                  lose each other
either side                           of the calamity
we fused                             you went inside
& I could not                                    see you
but afterwards                           afterwards
I could see                              underwater I
could see in the dark                 I could see
with my eyes closed          I could see past
the shimmer that        separates the living
& the dead and I knew there was nothing
no separation                               it was just
aura the most                            remarkable
sadness &                             if only I would
keep looking                      I would see you

From Stranger, Baby. Reproduced with kind permission of Faber & Faber

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