Ella Frears by Etienne Gilfillan

Ella Frears

Ella Frears (b. 1991, Truro) has been poet-in-residence on the number 17 bus in Southampton, at Tate St. Ives, and in a university physics department, among others. She has written extensively about motorway service stations. These very different subject-matters find coherence in Frears’ idiosyncratic voice, sense of humour, and strange connection-making. Poetic form, for Frears, is unstable and shifty, a way of drawing different registers of language into unexpected collisions.

The heart of Shine, Darling is the unsettling long piece detailing an autobiographical near-abduction experience, ‘Passivity, Electricity, Acclivity’, where interwoven voices and shifting time-frames build up like evidence. ‘I wanted to write a long-form lyric poem the length and weight of a short story, with the suspense of a novel’, writes Frears.

Photo credit: Etienne Gilfillan