i.m. E.V.A Cowell Some say grief is a lookout-tower, a swinging cage rigged beside the heart, battering a plume of sail. Some find an anchor, slipping its noose and on the sand, unloosed – a canary, a little sun rising up.

Above Antarctica

I’ve circled this research station a million times  in darkness, a million times in daylight to send your messages home …So far away…I miss you…   Not long left now… Save. Send. Wait for a response. I relay your metadata on ocean warming and thinning ice to labs across the world. Nowhere   too far away. Your […]

The Messages

Just checking in on whether the eyes are low? In haste. Just thought I’d see if the bone is sharp? Speak soon. Quickly following up on whether the heart is honed. Cheers now. Just quickly following up on whether the nerves are ripped! Much love! Just quickly checking in on if the throat is cracked? […]

The History of Mosquito Bay

Forbearers tell the story of Lindbergh touching down on the runway of sand, his pants full of shit, his heart full of child. The islanders named a beach after him. Forbearers tell the tale of Oppenheimer docking at the island not Manhattan. His head bursting out of the window, so the islanders named a beach […]

i am very precious

I see all the black marks on the page, the lines
hallucinations falling off the edge of the world – my tongue
we haven’t talked about desperation,

Paper Boats

After Mass, my gentle brother folded thoughts
and messages into paper boats, all sharp

From ‘Salt’

He cleared snow from the path and laid down salt.
He was conscious of oxygen, then: the word, also the way
his breath came back at him as mist


Lying on the bed with my mother,
Wearing my father’s Alpaca overcoat.
Here, Upstairs, where the air is old


There is an ash tree behind this house. You
can see it from our bedroom window.
If you stare at it for long enough, you’ll see

Bridled Vows

I will be faithful to you, I do vow,
but not until the seas have all run dry
et cetera.

Altar Call

The first time the man left her he walked down the aisle,
his face blank with hopelessness or with hope.

Slowed-Down Blackbird

Three people in the snow
getting rid of themselves
breath by breath