Liz Brownlee

Who works with light? Fire-fighters, projectionists, nuclear physicists, lighthousekeepers…and the one-woman poetry powerhouse Liz Brownlee, who has rounded up scores of light-workers near Bristol to recite great poems about light to camera. Her films, including a splendid mash-up of Byron’s She Walks in Beauty can be seen on YouTube – and on National Poetry Day they will be screened on the Bristol Big Screen.

Watch Liz’s films here: Astronomer, Optometrist, Photographer, Mash of ‘After Rain, Light’, by Pie Corbett, Actress, Firefighter, Cosmologist, Lightship, Projectionist, Priest, Hindu performer, Fire performer, Wildlife cameraman, Mash of Six Facts About Light by Rachel Rooney and a reading of ‘She Walks in Beauty’ by George Lord Byron, as read by members of the public who work with light.