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Diwali lamps are twinkling, twinkling
In the sky, and in our homes and hearts.
We welcome all with cheery greetings

Bomber’s Moon

’44 in Bomber Country
Young men waiting for the night,
In the hedgerows birds are singing,
Singing in the falling light.

Tattoo of Light

The day laughs at such a showing off
And her laughter is Light.

I wasn’t me tonight

I was a liquorice-black
velvet bat, arcing and
wheeling at twilight

Snow Geese Solstice

a rumour of plumage
a mutter of us
as the sky finds its tongue and stutters

Battling Fire

I will drown you out,
every flare, every spark.

Writing Light

Light-scribe, you write
all the ways light loves
the swerve of her hair

Light and Moths

Love, lift me up on dusky wings,
bear me safely from the light.


I am brought
by dark matter
and galaxies
on light


Once, in the brightness of the frost.
Above the hills, in glittering starlight,
Once, we sang

Dazzle Dance

I am made of heat and light
comets spinning through the night
spit and splinter – meteorite
firecracker, pinwheel bright

Carry Me Away

Carry me away on the curve of a shell
to shouldering shingle and soft-rolling swell.

Bright Spark

Crouched cold in a cave,
Huddled against the night

She Walks in Beauty

And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect, and her eye


He blazed through secret halls of locked delights:
of crystal forest planet hearts

Six Facts about Light

At dawn, she climbs over the horizon
to slink between the curtains